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Highly Affordable Disaster Recovery Software

For any organization, UNIX, Linux and AIX offer a common cross platform technology standard that frees developers, streamlines operations and reduces costs. As the UNIX, Linux or AIX server typically assumes the mission critical role in your organization by taking on infrastructure and business applications, you face a key challenge: How to protect your valuable UNIX, Linux or AIX data from the adverse effects of planned or unplanned downtime.

ASK Data Reflector™ is a file transfer program for UNIX, Linux and AIX systems. Data Reflector™ utilizes a differentiating algorithm which provides a fast and efficient method of syncing files.

With leading edge replication technologies for most UNIX, Linux and AIX flavors, Data Reflector™ software delivers active and efficient replication for operating systems and application files. Our active replication technique can continuously cycle through UNIX, Linux and AIX and application files, and replicate only changed blocks directly to a Replication/Backup server. There is no requirement for the files to be present on both the Production and Replication servers in order to sync. Cycles can be configured to replicate by the minute, hour, daily or weekly providing near real-time, bit level replication and disaster recovery.

Data Reflector™ accelerates recovery, cuts costs and does not disrupt the performance of the applications it protects. It’s the perfect recovery solution for software corruption, security breaches, virus attacks, accidentally deleted files and other causes of data loss.

The Replication server can be located in the same building or at a different location than the Production server. The replication process can also be facilitated via ASK’s secure hosting services. Data Reflector™ uses standard TCP/IP communications over a LAN or WAN connection taking full advantage of compression technologies to replicate data between the Production and Replication servers. Data Reflector™ provides an excellent level of Disaster Recovery at a very affordable price.

Contact your ASK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. sales representative for more information on how a Data Reflector™ implementation can protect your organization’s critical data today.



Sample Replication Configuration

  • By the minute, hour, and daily replication
  • Updates all directory trees and file systems
  • Up to 10:1 file compression
  • Preserves file ownership, permissions, devices, and times
  • Minimizes planned and unplanned down time
  • Removes deleted files on destination server
  • Copies changed blocks only
  • Preserves all user password and printer databases

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